September 22, 2023

Hackers abused Facebook ads to phish 615,000 account credentials.Threat actors are delivering Facebook ads promoting Clubhouse app for PC to deliver the malware. Again, attackers have used the same tactics because the PC version of the Clubhouse app is not yet released.

Threat actors are always looking to exploit the popularity gained by certain apps to lure innocent users into downloading malware. The Clubhouse app boasts over 8 million downloads so far. Therefore, it has become the current favorite of cybercriminals.

BlackRock malware disguised as an Android version of the Clubhouse invite-only audio chat app, while ESET researchers revealed there wasn’t any Android version of the app released. This app was available on iPhones only.

Naturally, unsuspecting users will click on the link considering it a legit version of the app. Upon opening, the app creates a connection with its C&C server and receives instructions on what to do next. As per TechCrunch’s sandbox analysis of the malware, the malicious app deployed ransomware on the infected device.

Fake Clubhouse app websites, which were hosted in Russia, went offline in an interesting turn of events and the malware also stopped working after receiving an error from the server.

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