June 5, 2023

Windows 95 was Microsoft’s breakout consumer product, with regular people literally waiting in line to purchase the software.

The developers working on the operating system and its applications had a lot to be proud of, and it turns out they decided to leave their mark in a small part of one of the applications in the OS.

Windows enthusiast and reverse engineer Albacore has been looking at the innards of Windows 95 and has discovered a hereto unknown Easter Egg in the IE4 Internet Mail app.

When you open the app, go to the About screen, select one of the files and type Mortimer you are presented with a scrolling window listing the names of the developers who worked on the app. The Easter Egg does not appear to be on the list of Windows 95 Easter Eggs.

Luckily now we can run Windows 95 in a browser window, which is again emblematic of how far we have come, and we can attest the easter egg is indeed present.

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