September 26, 2023

FonixCrypter Ransomware active since 2020, the operators behind the threat shut down their operations and released the master decryption ke. The availability of the master decryption key allows the victims to recover their encrypted files for free.

The FonixCrypter operators deleted the source code and also released containing a decryption tool and the master decryption key, along with instructions to recover the files.

Experts who tested the decryption tool confirmed that it works and allows to recover encrypted files for free.Researches working on a Decryptor and suggested avoiding use the one provided by the FonixCrypter gang due to the possibility that its code could hide a backdoor.

This Ransomware encrypts user files using Salsa + RSA, and provides victims an email address to receive the instructions to pay the ransom. The ransomware received multiple updates over time.

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