September 26, 2023

McAfee comes with general availability of MVISION Extended Detection and Response (XDR) with inclusion of cloud, and network telemetry, unifying and optimizing threat detection and response beyond endpoints to allow for faster, more proactive investigation cycles, easier, automated response and continued modernization of today’s security operations centers .

More organizations are planning increased investment in threat detection and response solutions, affirming the heightened need to safeguard against today’s crowded threat landscape.

Security teams are struggling to replace reactive, manual and time-consuming investigation processes to combat more sophisticated and more frequent attacks – all while trying to decrease the cost and complexity of overall management.

McAfee MVISION XDR provides proactive and actionable context across key vectors to simplify, accelerate and automate threat validation and response across the enterprise thereby making the most of SOC resources and mitigating potential disruption to the business

The primary value propositions of an XDR product are to improve security operations productivity and enhance detection and response capabilities by including more security components into a unified whole that offers multiple streams of telemetry, presenting options for multiple forms of detection and concurrently enabling multiple methods of response.


McAfee is directly improving the SOC experience with XDR availability. By granting analysts greater control and a more comprehensive view of threat context beyond the endpoint, they can save time and act more deliberately with a better understanding of threats – before they occur or incur damage. MVISION XDR provides:

  • Proactive and actionable intelligence
  • AI-guided investigations
  • Cloud threat integration
  • Network telemetry prioritization
  • SOC infrastructure optimization

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