December 9, 2023

Two new backdoors have been attributed to the Molerats advanced persistent threat (APT) group, which is believed to be associated with the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

Named as Gaza Hackers Team, Gaza Cybergang, DustySky, Extreme Jackal, and Moonlight, the group mainly hit targets in the Middle East (including Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iraq), but also launched attacks on entities in Europe and the United States.

The group had expanded its target list to include insurance and retail industries, in addition to the previously targeted government and telecommunications verticals namely Spark and Pierogi APT Groups

Molerats has expanded its toolset with the addition of two backdoors named SharpStage and DropBook, along with a downloader called MoleNet. All three malware families allow attackers to run arbitrary code and collect data from the infected machines and have been used in an espionage campaign actively targeting Arab-speaking individuals in the Middle East.

The security researchers also identified new activity targeting Turkish-speaking entities with the Spark backdoor, as well as a separate campaign in which a new Pierogi variant is used against targets also infected with DropBook, SharpStage, and Spark. The overlap suggests a close connection between Molerats and APT-C-23 (Arid Viper), both considered sub-groups of Gaza Cybergang.

The newly discovered backdoors were delivered together with the previously reported Spark backdoor, which along with other similarities to previous campaigns, further strengthens the attribution to Molerats

The malware can capture screenshots, download and execute files, execute arbitrary commands, and unarchive data fetched from the C&C.

DropBook is a Python-based backdoor capable of performing reconnaissance, executing shell commands, and downloading and executing additional malware. The threat only executes if WinRAR and an Arabic keyboard are present on the infected system.

The malware can fetch and run a broad range of payloads, including an updated version of itself, the MoleNet downloader, Quasar RAT, SharpStage, and ProcessExplorer

The discovery of the new cyber espionage tools along with the connection to previously identified tools used by the group suggest that Molerats is increasing their espionage activity in the region in light of the current political climate and recent events in the Middle East.

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