February 4, 2023

Dell Technologies Inc comes with a range of new intrinsic security solutions and services designed to protect customer data across the supply chain, infrastructure, devices and services.

The new secure supply chain offering and data security-focused services for Dell Technologies infrastructure and commercial PCs are said to strengthen secure supply chain practices by addressing threats such as counterfeit components, malware and firmware tampering. Protecting PCs during transit, Dell Technologies SafeSupply Chain solutions are offered on top of the Dell Secure Development Lifecycle and standard supply chain measures.

The new solutions include SafeSupply Chain Tamper Evident Services to help protest against tampering during transport and SafeSupply Chain Data Sanitization Services that prevent spyware or illicit agents being from being injected into a device’s hard drive.

Dell EMC PowerEdge server portfolio now comes with Secured Component Verification, an embedded certificate that lets companies verify that their servers are as they ordered and built without hardware compromise. That service includes a portfoliowide solution for cryptographically verified hardware integrity.

The new Secured Component Verification offering verifies that changes have not been made to system components, protects against cybersecurity risks and allows customers to validate and deploy multiple servers efficiently.

Data security-focused services have been enhanced with Dell EMC Data Sanitization for Enterprise and Data Destruction for Enterprises now available across the entire Dell Technologies infrastructure portfolio and third-party products. Dell EMC Keep Your Hard Drive for Enterprise and Keep Your Component for Enterprises services are also now available across the entire infrastructure portfolio.

The final releases include a new Dell Technologies-only capability: PowerEdge UEFI Secure Boot Customization, which provides advanced mitigation for industrywide bootloader vulnerability. Dell Remote Access Controller, an automated server management tool, offers various features, including the ability to enable a system lockdown without having to reboot, preventing unintentional or malicious damage. The service also offers security control and will support Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules to automate important PowerEdge security workflows.

Most of the new features are available now, with a few exceptions. Dell Technologies Secured Component Verification on PowerEdge Servers will be available by the end of the year. Dell Remote Access Controller will also be available by the end of the year, while the Dell EMC OpenManage Ansible Modules will be available Jan. 31.

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