December 11, 2023

The e-commerce software platform X-Cart suffered a ransomware attack, the infection brought down customers’ e-stores hosted by the company on its platform.

The software and services company X-Cart was recently acquired by Seller Labs, the premier software and services provider for Amazon sellers and brands.

The company immediately launched an internal investigation and discovered that threat actors exploited a vulnerability in third-party software management tool to access the hosting platform and install the ransomware.

“An outage of any kind is disruptive to our customers and impacts each of them differently. The X-Cart team remains focused on helping customers get back to business.”

Threat actors gained access to a small portion of the platform and encrypted some of its servers bringing down the X-Cart stores they were hosting.

Users reported that the systems were down for several days, is some cases customers restored their operations but claimed to have missed order information and settings changes.

The company claims that its core systems were not impacted and states that all customer websites have since been restored.

X-Cart pointed out that the outage was “limited to customers that were on our shared hosting plans” and none of its dedicated hosting clients were impacted.
In response to this initiative, Cohen said the company’s “first priority” during the ransomware attack “has been to get every customer back online and ensure we have a stable and secure system.”

At the time, it is not clear the family of ransomware that infected the systems at the hosting platform.

X-Cart joins the long list of breached companies

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