June 6, 2023

Microsoft announced that consent phishing protections including OAuth app publisher verification and app consent policies are now generally available in Office 365.

These protections are designed to defend Office 365 users from an application-based phishing attack variant known as consent phishing.

Targets are tricked into providing access to their Office 365 accounts by granting permissions to malicious Office 365 OAuth apps .

Microsoft says that it’s rolling out three updates designed to bolster the security of the Office 365 app ecosystem including:

Since this feature entered public preview in May, more than 700 app publishers have been verified by Microsoft amounting to a total of over 1300 app registrations.

Apps developed by verified publishers feature a blue “verified” badge on all Azure AD consent prompts, as well as other screens where they’re featured to make it easier for end-users to verify application authenticity.

User consent useful to allow only the authorised publishers leaving rest app behind the users view, will bring a layer of protection from anonymous

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