December 9, 2023

Over the past weekend, incidents of ransomware attacks on alcoholic beverages giant Brown-Forman, which owns renowned brands like Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia Vodka and Korbel champagne, ahave been reported.

Brown-Forman said in a statement that none of its files were encrypted however, some data may have been stolen.

Key Highlights

REvil hacking group, or also known as Sodinokibi, has taken responsibility for the attack on Brown-Forman.

Brown-Forman said that none of the systems were encrypted but some data may have been stolen.

REvil gang claimed the thievery of 1TB confidential data in the attack process and posted screenshots on their leak site as a proof.

The ransomware attack first came to light when the REvil ransomware gang published screenshots of Brown-Forman’s internal tree architecture and file names on its data leak site. It claimed to have stolen 1 TB of the company’s confidential data. This includes internal employee conversations, multiple contracts information, and database backups. REvil further said that the initial compromise took place a month back and they carefully monitored the entire network, cloud storage, and user services of Brown-Forman to steal highly sensitive data.

However, before the hackers could deploy the encryption script, Brown-Forman’s IT team detected the intrusion and locked out the perpetrators from further access. Thus, although the data may have been stolen, Brown-Forman is not keen on negotiating with the ransomware gang to retrieve it. On the other hand, REvil is all set to auction the stolen data if the victimized company denies paying the ransom.

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