February 5, 2023

Websites increasingly ask to send notifications about their new contents and other alerts. To address this webspam mess, Microsoft Edge 84 introduces a new notification request experience called quiet notification requests.

With this new feature, Microsoft is hoping to reduce spam of notification permission requests. In the address bar, Notifications or Push APIs will now appear as a bell “Notifications blocked” and the browser will not display the typical full flyout prompt.

Edge notifications

Microsoft says the feature is enabled by default for all users, but you can turn off “Quiet notification requests” setting from edge://settings/content/notifications when you want.

Edge notifications

Quiet notifications support for Microsoft Edge reduces the prominence of notification requests and tackle the trend where users are asked to subscribe just when they open the website.

If you want to subscribe to a website, you can click the “Notifications blocked” bell icon and accept the request.

There are plans to further enhance the notifications prompt in Microsoft Edge and turn on the full flyout prompt when users find a site’s notification request valuable.

“We’re currently exploring turning on the full flyout prompt when data suggests users find a given site’s notification request valuable. Users would be able to keep the quiet notification requests experience for all sites if they preferred”.

This feature is very useful as people are commonly receiving ads through web site notifications and have no idea how they are getting them once they unknowingly subscribe to a fishy website.

By reducing the notifications permission layout to a bell icon, Microsoft Edge’s new feature will significantly decrease the amount of webspam that users are receiving.

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