September 22, 2023

A new standalone utility named Bloatbox has been released that allows Windows 10 users to debloat the operating system by removing unwanted preinstalled apps.

Windows 10 ships with various universal apps, and there’s no easy way to remove them using the Settings or Control Panel.

For example, first-party apps such as the ‘Your Phone’ app in Windows 10 can not be normally removed.

You can now use the Bloatbox utility to remove it, and others like it quickly.

Introducing Bloatbox

A new third-party app named Bloatbox was initially supposed to ship with a privacy-focused Spydish app for Windows 10 but was instead released as a standalone program.

“This was intended as a small extension for Spydish to uninstall specific apps. Since I didn’t want to bloat Spydish unnecessarily (those who know me know that I am a friend of small apps and lean code), I have now made this available as a standalone app. With the upcoming Spydish release it can be started from within Spydish,” Bloatbox’s GitHub repository reads.

To get started with Bloatbox, download and extract it to your desktop. Once extracted, double-click on the Bloatbox.exe.

When started, you will see that Bloatbox has a straightforward layout with the first column listing the installed apps and the second column showing the available functions.

This list contains all installed apps, even those that Windows 10 would not normally allow you to uninstall like the Weather, News, and Your Phone app.

Select the apps that you want to uninstall and click the “Uninstall button” on the Remove Apps side to ditch it.

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