Azure Data Security Enhancement

An additional security intelligence layer can spot malware being uploaded to cloud storage accounts.

Microsoft has extended Advanced Threat Protection for Azure Storage to cover documents held in Azure Files and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2.

Today we’re excited to announce the preview of extending advanced threat protection for Azure Storage to support Azure Files and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 API, helping our customers to protect their data stored in file shares and data stores designed for enterprise big data analytics.

If the tools identifies malicious activity, it will send an email to the database’s administrators, as well as a notification to the Azure Security Center. It will also suggest different methods of remedying the problem.

Among the different malicious activities the tool is capable of tracking are possible attempts of data exfiltration, persistence gain, data gathering, probing or lateral movement across the Azure cloud.

All storage accounts with file shares and blob containers need to have the feature toggled on in advance, the company confirmed.

“With Azure Files, organisations get the added benefit of a secure storage infrastructure that is massively scalable, and globally available. Even with all these capabilities, it’s still essential to bolster cybersecurity, especially with the growing complexity and sophistication of cyberattacks,”.

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