December 9, 2023

All organizations poses a threat from external attacks. I’n some cases attacks are flooded in TERABYTES with millions of requests . These are known to be DDOS. In granular vision it’s mere bots.. Botnets is the main cause of disruptions

Bad Bots vs. Botnets: What’s the Difference?
DDoS flooding attacks are simple things. A malicious actor uses malware to take control of tens or hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected devices. Once control is established, these devices become the ‘bots’ in a botnet, which is often used to flood a target website with connection requests until it can no longer cope with the load. But devices enslaved into the ranks of a botnet are just one of many types of bot.

Good bots help web users find relevant businesses, products, and services. They include search engine crawlers and price comparison bots.

Bad bots are used by malicious actors to automate attacks, reconnaissance, and fraudulent activities. These bots can negatively affect website performance, damage the experience of legitimate customers, and directly attack your business.

Just like human cyber attacks, bots can harm your business in many different ways:

Credit card fraud bots use stolen card details to purchase products and services online

Gift card fraud bots abuse gift card balance

Credential attacks/account takeover bots.
Account creation bots create free accounts to use for spam or to exploit ‘new account’ promotions

Inventory hoarding bots repeatedly add products to carts (particularly products in high demand) preventing legitimate customers from purchasing them.

Scraping bots are used to steal data from websites, most often related to pricing. This technique is used by unscrupulous organizations to help them undercut competitors or gather intelligence.

Spambots fall into two main categories:
Bots that gather email addresses to add to spam mailing lists.Bots that abuse comment forms on blogs and websites to spread ads or malicious URLs.

Vulnerability scanners and attack bots are used to identify websites that are vulnerable to simple attacks like SQL injection (SQLi) and cross-site scripting (XSS).

Click bots are used for two primary purposes:
To make money.
To target companies that pay for PPC ads.

What is Bot Mitigation?
Bots are hard to detect , And it’s not recommend to depend on standard technologies. WAF cannot block all the bot traffic.the majority of bots don’t directly attack your website. Instead, they abuse legitimate functions to achieve malicious objectives.

Bot mitigation isn’t about completely blocking bot activity. Remember, around half of all bots are good. Instead, it’s about determining the nature of every bot that visits your website and preventing the activities of bad bots only.

For this to be possible, a bot mitigation service must be able to:

  1. Rapidly identify and mitigate bad bots (even when they aren’t using flooding techniques).
  2. Identify and manage unknown bots in real-time.

Note that bot mitigation is not part of a typical DDoS mitigation service. Bots come in many forms, and can’t be detected using the techniques DDoS mitigation services use to protect websites from flooding attacks.

Protect Your Website from Bad Bots
To keep your organization safe from bad bots, you need a bot mitigation service that gives you full control over the wide range of bots that access your website every day.

Known bad bots are blocked instantly, while unknown bots are identified and mitigated within five seconds on average. This is critical, as new bots are constantly developed to bypass lower-quality controls.

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