September 21, 2023

Thousands of personal Zoom videos had been exposed on the open web, accessible through search engines, report published shockingly

A simple search by Washington Post exposed over 15,000 video recordings from Zoom, the report said. The videos were exposed based on how Zoom names its videos in “an identical way.”

Videos accessed by the Washington Post included one-on-one therapy sessions, training orientations for workers, business meetings, school classes, etc.

Thousands of video clips had also been uploaded to video-sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, the report said.

Video-conferencing app Zoom sued for sending user data to Facebook

Zoom’s take on the security issues
In a statement to the Verge, Zoom had said that recording a video on the platform was the host’s choice. It urged users to upload their meetings with “extreme caution.”

Zoom, which has garnered over 200 million users in March has been under the scanner for multiple issues on the platform related to data security and privacy. Most recently. The New York Times had reported that a data-mining feature on Zoom allowed some participants to have access to LinkedIn profile data of other users without their permission or any notification from Zoom.

Zoom later told the Verge that it will be disabling the feature.

Multiple privacy and data security issues.
As Zoom witnessed a considerable boom in usage, the platform is increasingly facing multiple privacy and data security issues.

Zoom users have been facing harassment from hackers interrupting meetings in what has been dubbed as “Zoombombing.” In another instance, Motherboard had reported that Zoom had been collecting personal data of the user as they logged on to the app and had been sharing data with Facebook irrespective of whether the user had a Facebook account. Earlier this week, a user in California had sued the platform for the Facebook SDK issue.

It had later removed the code that enabled it to do so. It ad also updated its privacy policy, making it “more clear and transparent.”

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