November 30, 2023

Emotet ” the name when you came across , one could not forget the earlier campaigns where it’s been as deadly. Originally prevailed in earlier 2014 , it came again in 2018,2019 with lot more power. A popular phising campaign that bombard users inbox with mails and tempt to open . Once it preyed users , then it’s dreadful.

Emotet infection chain

Emotet is most notorious for collateral damage inflicted as part of a blended attack. Dubbed the “triple threat” by many in security, Emotet partners with TrickBot and Ryuk ransomware for a knockout combo that ensures maximum penetration through the network so that valuable data may be stolen and sold for profit, while the rest is encrypted in order to extort organizations into paying the ransom to retrieve their files and systems.

Be secure, Be watchful always.

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