December 5, 2023

Have I Been Pwned (HIBP), a website by Troy Hunt, is one of the top destinations to find out if your email ID or password has been part of a data breach. He’s making the website open-sourced so others can contribute to the project and make it easier to find your compromised credentials

Hunt and .NET foundation are making the pwned password module open-sourced. This page currently lets you check if any of your passwords were part of a data leak. Hunt noted that data used for this service is retrieved from publicaly available hashed datasets.

HIBP is teaming up with the FBI, which will help bolster the database with its own set of compromised passwords.

He added that this is a relatively simple codebase consisting of Azure Storage, a single Azure Function, and a Cloudflare worker. Plus, it has its own domain and works on non-commercial APIs independent of the rest of HIBP. Using API password managers can integrate within the product

Earlier this week, Hunt noted that the HIBP website is getting closer to 1 billion monthly requests for searching leaked passwords and email IDs

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