May 29, 2023

OVH, one of the largest hosting providers in the world, suffered a terrible fire that destroyed its data centers located in Strasbourg. The French plant in Strasbourg includes 4 data centers, SBG1, SBG2, SBG3, and SBG4 that were shut down due to the incident, and the fire started in SBG2 one.null

The fire impacted the services of a large number of OVHs’ customers, for this reason the company urged them to implement their disaster recovery plans. 

Nation-state groups were also impacted by the incident, The servers were used by cybercrime gangs and APT groups, including Iran-linked Charming kitten and APT39 groups, the Bahamut cybercrime group, and the Vietnam-linked  Ocenalotus 

The incident only impacted a small portion of the command and control infrastructure used by multiple threat actors in the wild, almost any group leverages on multiple service providers and bulletproof hosting to increase the resilience of their C2 infrastructure to takedown operated by law enforcement agencies with the help of security firms.

There might be a little downfall for the cybercrime groups but not that too extent affected there operations

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