September 26, 2023

Schneider Electric published a security bulletin to warn customers of the Drovorub Linux malware, the malware was analyzed in a joint alert published in August by NSA and the FBI. linked with Russian espionage group APT28

Drovorub is a modular malware that includes the implant, a kernel module rootkit, a file transfer tool, a port-forwarding module, and a command-and-control (C2) server.

“Drovorub is a Linux malware toolset consisting of an implant coupled with a kernel module rootkit, a file transfer and port forwarding tool, and a Command and Control (C2) server. When deployed on a victim machine, the Drovorub implant (client) provides the capability for direct communications with actorcontrolled C2 infrastructure; file download and upload capabilities; execution of arbitrary commands as “root”; and port forwarding of network traffic to other hosts on the network.”

Drovorub could allow state-sponsored hackers to carry out a broad range of activities, such as stealing files, establishing backdoor access, remote controlling the target’s computer. The malware implements a sophisticated evasion technique, it leverages advanced ‘rootkit’ capabilities to remain under the radar.

The affected products are ethernet and serial data radios that provide long-range wireless data communications for SCADA and remote telemetry applications.

Drovorub targets systems running Linux kernel versions 3.7 or lower, so updating later than 3.7 is a must. Defence in depth strategy should be intact

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