December 3, 2023

APT cloaks identity using script-kiddie messages and advanced deployment and targeting techniques.

Based on messages, such as “KilllSomeOne”, used in attack code strings, coupled with advanced deployment and targeting techniques, they say the APT has a split personality.

“The messages hidden in their samples [malware] are on the level of script kiddies. On the other hand, the targeting and deployment is that of a serious APT group,” relies on a technique called DLL side loading usually used by Chinese APT groups

DLL side-loading, simply put, is a type of application that appears to be legitimate and can often bypass weak security mechanisms such as application whitelisting. Once trusted, the application gains additional permissions by Windows during its execution.

“Side-loading is the use of a malicious DLL spoofing a legitimate one, relying on legitimate Windows executables to load and execute the malicious code,”.

All four DLL side-loading scenarios execute malicious code and install backdoors in the networks of targeted organizations. Each also share the same program database path and plaintext strings written in poor English with politically inspired messages in their samples,

“The cases are connected by a common artifact: the program database (PDB) path. All samples share a similar PDB path, with several of them containing the folder name ‘KilllSomeOne,’” .

“The types of perpetrators behind targeted attacks in general are not a homogeneous pool. They come with very different skill sets and capabilities. Some of them are highly skilled, while others don’t have skills that exceed the level of average cybercriminals,”

“The group responsible for the attacks we investigated in this report don’t clearly fall on either end of the spectrum. They moved to more simple implementations in coding—especially in encrypting the payload,”.

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